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Vicky Soleil says she likes to be dominated by guys. What Vicky wants, Vicky gets when she dons a French maid's costume (with an apron that has "At Your Service" printed on it) and tries to dust the furniture with two horny hosers in the room. A maid with big tits and a hot pussy is good to have around, even if her costume doesn't stay on very long.

"I am satisfied when I have an orgasm from a big cock in me," says Vicky. Her pleasure is doubled when she has two cocks to dominate her. Her feather duster is tossed to the side when Vicky is double-teamed by Tom and Enzo, big-boob lovers who appreciate a voluptuous woman with soft curves and heavy hooters.

Vicky gets both of her nipples sucked on at the same time for starters. As Enzo sticks his fingers inside her honey-trap, Tom feeds Vicky his stiffie. When she turns to suck on Enzo's wiener, Tom drops trou and shoves his sausage into her from behind. Any plans for continued cleaning are changed on the spot for an afternoon of…

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French maid fucked


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